LEKATO Page Turner for Tablets – Flip Pages from Music Software

LEKATO Page Turner for Tablets – Flip Pages from Music Software

LEKATO Page Turner for Tablets


The LEKATO Page Turner for Tablets is a revolutionary device designed to enhance your musical performance. Whether you are a professional musician or an aspiring beginner, this Bluetooth-connected page turner will make your life easier by allowing you to effortlessly flip pages from music software on your tablet.


  • Bluetooth connectivity for seamless page flipping
  • Compatible with Android and iOS tablets (system above version 13.4)
  • External pedal design for convenient and hands-free operation
  • Works with LEKATO Looper Pedal and Tuner Switching

How It Works

The LEKATO Page Turner connects to your tablet via Bluetooth, eliminating the need for cumbersome cables. Simply pair the device with your tablet and open your preferred music software. Once connected, you can use the external pedal to flip pages forward or backward with a simple tap of your foot. This hands-free operation allows you to focus on your performance without any distractions.


The LEKATO Page Turner is compatible with tablets running Android or iOS systems above version 13.4. This wide compatibility ensures that you can use the device with most modern tablets, providing you with a seamless experience regardless of your preferred operating system.

Enhance Your Performance

With the LEKATO Page Turner, you can take your musical performance to the next level. No longer will you need to pause or interrupt your playing to manually flip pages. The convenience and ease of use offered by this device allow you to maintain your flow and focus, resulting in a more immersive and enjoyable performance for both you and your audience.

Experience the LEKATO Page Turner for Tablets today and revolutionize the way you interact with music software on your tablet. Say goodbye to manual page flipping and hello to a more seamless and efficient performance.