PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch

PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch

PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch

Are you looking for the perfect screen protector for your iPad Pro 9.7 Inch? Look no further! PERFECTSIGHT has the ideal solution for you. Our screen protector is designed to provide ultimate protection while enhancing your viewing experience. Let’s dive into the features that make our screen protector stand out.

Eye Care and Anti-Glare

One of the key features of our screen protector is its eye care technology. We understand the importance of protecting your eyes from harmful blue light emitted by electronic devices. Our screen protector filters out blue light, reducing eye strain and fatigue. Additionally, it has an anti-glare coating that minimizes reflections, allowing you to use your iPad Pro 9.7 Inch even in bright environments.

Fingerprint Proof and Scratch Resistance

PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector is made from 9H tempered glass, making it highly durable and scratch-resistant. Say goodbye to annoying scratches caused by everyday use or accidental drops. Moreover, our screen protector is fingerprint-proof, ensuring a clean and smudge-free display at all times. You can enjoy a crystal-clear view without any distractions.

Easy Installation and Bubble-Free

Installing our screen protector is a breeze. With the included installation kit, you can easily align and apply the protector without any bubbles. The adhesive layer ensures a secure and bubble-free attachment, giving you a seamless touch experience.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. Is the screen protector compatible with other iPad models?
  2. Our screen protector is specifically designed for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch, iPad 2017/2018, and iPad Air 1/2. It may not fit other iPad models perfectly.

  3. Does the screen protector affect touch sensitivity?
  4. No, our screen protector maintains the original touch sensitivity of your iPad Pro 9.7 Inch. You can enjoy smooth and accurate touch interactions without any lag.

  5. Can I remove and reapply the screen protector?
  6. Yes, our screen protector is designed to be easily removable and repositionable. If you need to readjust or replace it, simply peel it off and apply it again without any residue.


PERFECTSIGHT Screen Protector for iPad Pro 9.7 Inch is the perfect companion for your device. It provides eye care, anti-glare, blue light filter, fingerprint proof, and scratch resistance. With easy installation and bubble-free application, you can enjoy a clear and protected display. Upgrade your iPad Pro 9.7 Inch with our screen protector today!